Rooted in fintech industry for years, Gosstech has its own AI integration library, mega-data warehouse and mature micro-service infrastructure. Currently we provide multiple solutions ranging from currency exchange, loan financing to banking workflow control

  • Remittance

    Make immediate money transfer from Singapore to overseas with safe, swift and convenient operations.

  • Business Term Loan/ Credit Line

    Business Term Loan/Credit Line provides great flexibility and safety to meet your financing needs.

  • Invoice Financing

    Get immediate access to cash without needing a loan, invoice financing work differently as it hastens business’s access to the fund which is owed from its buyers.

  • Workflow Processing Solution

    Trigger is a solution providing highly efficient credit application management. It incorporates a variety of credit assessment and scoring systems, geared to speed up the business’ decision making, from the first time a customer registers on your CRM/database system throughout the customer experience and future returns.

  • Fraud Detection Solution

    Precision is an application fraud and blacklist checking system to assist credit business in banking and insurance institution in order to minimize application fraud risk.

  • Workflow Management Solution

    Workflow management system is an important tool that provides feature to manage and define a series of task within a processing flow. Every product has variety of processes according to the business requirement.